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A modern, personalized home design will bring its residents joy for years to come, since it embodies the comforts, colors, textures, and materials that best represent the homeowners.

This is one of the biggest benefits of buying a new construction home vs. a resale home: you get a brand new home filled with updated design finishes!

Since your end result is sure to be stunning no matter what, you should feel excited to pick out your home’s finishing touches and overall interior design. We’re here to help make sure you get the most out of this process and have total peace of mind in your home’s appearance.

Kitchen Cooktop and Backsplash in M/I Homes Model Home

What Are Design Finishes?

Design finishes are the homeowner-chosen interior design specifications used to personalize a home’s look—from the kitchen backsplash to the bathroom vanity hardware to the flooring and everything in between.

Homebuilders, like M/I Homes, often have a range of design packages and levels, helping homeowners achieve a contemporary interior design while working with timeline and budget.

Dual Bathroom Vanity in M/I Homes Model Home

Our Top Advice for Choosing Design Finishes

The process of deciding on design finishes with M/I Homes first depends on what type of home you are purchasing:

  • If you are purchasing a Smart Series home, you’ll be able to choose from pre-selected design packages that include all of the design finishes necessary, but still allow you to select a color scheme and level that works for you!
  • If you are purchasing a Quick Move-In home, some or all of the design finishes may already be chosen and installed in your home, meaning you get to skip this step and move right into your professionally designed home!
  • If you are building a home from the ground up that is not part of our Smart Series, you will likely get to visit one of our Design Studios and select your interior design finishes with our professional Designers.

Check with your New Home Consultant about your home’s design procedure if you have questions.

Living Room in M/I Homes Model Home

Even buying a home with our pre-selected design package options allows you to enjoy the exciting process of watching your home come to life with stunning design finishes.

And, since we strive for better design here at M/I, you can rest assured that we’re using the latest design trends and highest quality materials to put together your home’s incredible look.

M/I Homes Design Studio

Dos and Don’ts of Choosing Finishing Touches

Many homebuyers get intimidated by the design selection process, but there’s really no reason to be! Our goal is to make the whole process enjoyable and help you achieve a flawlessly beautiful home design.

You’ll have multiple resources available to you as you navigate this step of home buying, and one of the most helpful tools we’ve taken the time to create for you is our list of dos and don’ts for selecting design options. This will help you nail each step along the way.

Soaking Tub and Shower in M/I Homes Model Home

Where to Get Inspiration for Your Design Finishes

“Some of my favorites are Pinterest, Instagram, finished inventory homes, and model homes,” shares Rachel Torres from her home design experience.

While Pinterest, Houzz, and other sources of home design inspiration can be fun to browse, you may get overwhelmed with all the endless combinations and ideas out there.

Our model homes are intentionally decorated to showcase possibility throughout our floorplans. We help you see different materials, textures, configurations, and color schemes to help you be able to find what you like in interior design!

Kitchen in M/I Homes Model Home

Choosing Design Finishes Within Your Budget

If you’re a fan of every home design show out there, you’ve probably seen a lot of amazing designs, but don’t throw caution to the wind when it comes to planning your home. That’s why our inside experts recommend determining your budget first so that you can remain within your limits throughout the process.

Work closely with our team along every phase of the home buying process in order to glean important details such as what features are already included, what various price ranges of our designs are, and how you can plan ahead for some of these costs.

This will ensure that your time actually in our Design Studios is as efficient and productive as possible, choosing the exact right options for you and putting them all together!

Bath Section in M/I Homes Design Studio

Our highly experienced Design Team is here to make selecting your design finishes a smooth, easy, and fun process! Learn more about M/I Homes’ design.


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