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Speaking through your home’s décor is a great way to make your home both welcoming and memorable to guests. While tables are often primarily utilitarian, they can also serve as blank canvases for lovely decorative finishes to tie a room’s look together.

Learn how to use your side tables to weave in decorative pieces that will boost visual appeal and design uniformity.

Owner's Bedroom With Side Tables

Side Table Décor Ideas

Stacked Books

You can find decorative stacked books that are sometimes customizable with names, favorite quotations, or other personalized text, or you can simply choose to use this opportunity as a chance to debut some of your most favorite reads, from cult classics to modern mysteries.

Living Room With Stacked Books on Side Table


While good lighting is definitely an important factor in home decorating, you don’t have to settle for strictly functional lighting pieces. Why not find an artistic or statement lamp to showcase on a side table!

Living Room With Black Lamp on Side Table


Nordic, terracotta, and even mix-and-match vases can really elevate a side table if you’re going for an elegant and refined look in your room. This table-topper marries perfectly with a minimalist design style.

Living Room With Black Vase on Side Table


Don’t underestimate the power some greenery can have in a room’s look. A few houseplants can freshen up the space and tie in beautifully with neutrals, earth tones, black and white, and even metallic accents.

If you’re worried about a potting soil mess on your table or other furniture, try a convincing faux option instead, but make sure to find a high-quality version.

Living Room With Potted Succulent on Side Table


To double as both storage and décor, opt for a set of jars that can contain coasters, matches, or other small items that you’d like to keep concealed but within easy reach.

Bedroom With Jar on Side Table

How to Combine Multiple Tabletop Pieces Together

The rule is to keep pieces to odd numbers on your side tables’ surfaces. Never overcrowd the space; ensure that a beverage or phone can still be set down alongside the decorations.

Keep the decorative elements balanced with functionality as well as style—like a lamp with a faux plant or a photo frame.

Start with one large object, and then add a couple complementary pieces of varying sizes from there.

Large Object Inspiration:

Medium Object Inspiration:

Small Object Inspiration:

Bedroom With Side Table Décor

Being able to show pops of your personality through your décor is such a fun way to make your house a home. Keep the tabletop décor going with our coffee table tips!


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