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Decorating each room of your home is one of the most fun parts of moving into a brand new house, but it can be tricky to make it all work in a cohesive design.

Combine your home design style with the special pieces that make you happy to turn your house into a home. We’ve got the inspiration you need to personalize your home, room by room!

(Cue “My Favorite Things” song from The Sound of Music…)

Couple Hanging Painting on Wall

Which Home Décor Suits Your Personality?

First, take our decorating quiz to find your personal home décor style. This will help you shop for furniture, fixtures, colors, and vibes to carry through the design in each room.

You may learn that you prefer a Mid-Century Modern style that blends clean lines and minimalist colors. Or, you may be drawn to a Modern Farmhouse theme that showcases rustic furniture and warm paint tones.

Learn more about some of the most popular decorating styles and how to capitalize on your favorite one by choosing the colors and pieces that work best and still uphold your personal preferences.

Living Room Décor

Personalized Home Décor Recommendations for Each Room

The beauty of filling each space with your favorite things is that there really is no right or wrong way to go about it. Our best advice is to start simple—you can always add to the design later on!

Here’s how we recommend personalizing each room in your home.

The Family Room

The family or living room is a great place to start with personalized decorations. A family photo gallery wall is a fun and relatively easy project you could even knock out in one weekend.

Print off different sizes of some recent family pictures, mix and match photo frames, and follow step-by-step advice to get your gallery wall just right.

You can even swap out these photos as new memories are made.

Gallery Wall

DIY home décor projects can be a ton of fun, or they can be stressful and disastrous. If you bite off just enough at a time, we promise you’ll experience the former!

Fill the floorspace with colors and furniture pieces recommended in your decorating style result details.

Living Room Décor

Again, simplicity is key. Even though this is one of the most heavily used areas of your home, you don’t have to implement all your personalized pieces here. Save at least one for the other rooms. Avoid overdoing it with these simple decorating tips.

The Bedrooms

For kids’ or guests’ bedrooms, add décor and colors that both bring out the personalities of those staying in them as well as create a relaxing and comforting environment by choosing substance over style.

Our best tip is to choose a fairly neutral color scheme and accentuate the space with colorful accent furniture or statement wall art. This makes it easy to update the décor as kids grow or a new decoration catches your eye.

Young Girls' Bedroom Décor

For your owner’s suite, go all out with your favorite things. Wallpaper accent wall? Do it. Gold-trimmed furniture collection? Treat yourself!

We’ve got your entire oasis covered with our owner’s suite decorating advice. This should the epitome of you in your home.

Owner's Bedroom Décor

Get 10 more ideas for personalizing bedrooms.

The Dining Room

Intentional dining room décor really sets the tone for intimate gatherings centered around good food and spending time with dear friends, family, and neighbors.

Anchor the space around a piece like a hutch displaying engraved cutting boards with your names, add a patterned wallpaper to add elegance and make your dinner guests feel spoiled, or dress up your table seasonally by placing a comfy throw blanket on a bench at the table and styling a stunning tablescape.

Dining Room Décor

The Flex Room

The very nature of a flex room hinges on your personal needs and tastes, whether you’re using it as a home office or a media room. This one should be easy to fill with your quintessential go-tos!

Flex Room Décor

From your favorite movie posters to your home craft collection to your monogrammed cocktail set to your sports teams and anything else that screams your name, spotlight it in your flex room, since you’ll be spending a lot of recreational time here and want to be surrounded by the things you love.

The Bathrooms

Don’t skip decorating your bathrooms! These can be fun exclamations of your personality, too.

A collection of decorative animals saying hello from the countertop or a humorous sign on the wall that ties in with the overall color combo can be another way to speak to your family or guests through your décor.

Bathroom Décor

The Kitchen

Kitchen décor should be ornate, but still functional in order to prioritize what this space is for.

Here are 3 ways to personalize your kitchen with usable items:

  1. Carefully select hardware that blends in with the other metals on the floor, especially if you have an open-concept kitchen.
  2. Next, furnish your eat-at island with chairs or stools that aren’t merely decorative, but also are comfortable and inviting for guests and family members to plop down in.
  3. Lastly, draw attention to the belongings you’re most proud of here. Is it an antique buffet that transitions to the dining area? Your family China in glass-front cabinets? Your favorite ethnic spice collection on display?
Kitchen Décor

Miscellaneous Rooms

Even areas like your hallways, foyer, laundry room, mud room, and home planning center can express your personal style.

Try spiffing up these utilitarian rooms with custom signs showing a quotation from a family-favorite movie or a fun message, or a map with pins everywhere you’ve traveled together—a great way to keep adding to the personalized art over time!

Laundry Room Décor

Our Favorite Custom Décor Pieces

Once you have a vision for each room, you can start finding the perfect pieces to bring it all together. Here are a few of our favorite ways to show personality in decorations.

Make a DIY Wall Hanging

This project can be a fun mother-daughter activity, and the end result makes for an elegant, bohemian wall decoration that will dress up a bedroom, family room, or loft! Learn how to make macrame wall hangings.

Macrame Craft

Order a Custom Family Drawing

Capture your family’s likeness in a one-of-a-kind drawing! Put this in a nice frame and add it as a wall feature or a tabletop decoration for a truly personalized art piece.

Commemorate the Place You Met

From pillow covers to doormats to adorable signs, a latitude and longitude decoration can highlight where you met your significant other, got married, or even bought your first home! This personalized option adds a coastal feel to any room.

Couple Choosing Wall Paint Color

Expressing yourself through your home’s décor is a fun process, and we know you’ll enjoy putting each room’s look together to be a perfect representation of you! Get more interior decorating tips for your home.


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