Home Maintenance Made Easy

Caring for your new M/I Home is a big responsibility. With the right knowledge and tools—plus some help from us—you'll be back to enjoying your home in no time. Learn about seasonal maintenance tips, checklists, and step-by-step instructions for common concerns.

Of course, we stand behind all our homes with a comprehensive warranty package, including our 10-Year Transferable Structural Warranty. Check your Customer Care manual for an explanation on what items are warranted and the extent and duration of the coverage.

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Tips for New Homeowners

Home maintenance doesn't have to be overwhelming. M/I Homes has developed a few friendly initial, seasonal, and annual reminders for new homeowners.

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3-Month Maintenance Checklist

By implementing a series of easy, short-term checklists on the items you use most, you can avoid costly repairs caused by neglect.

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Annual Home Maintenance Checklist

Helping you get the most out of your home starts the day you move in. Every year, M/I Homes recommends giving your home a thorough, top-to-bottom review. These Annual Maintenance Tips help improve energy efficiency, increase the value in your home, and increase peace of mind.

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Adjusting the Threshold on Your Front Door

If your doors are sticking, it's an easy fix to make sure they open and close smoothly.

Change the Battery in Your Smoke Alarm

A quick step-by-step guide to changing the batteries in your smoke alarm.

How to Install Weatherstripping

Over time, the weatherstripping might need replaced on your front door.

How To Reset a GFCI Outlet

Is your outlet not working? You may need to try resetting the GFCI.

Fixing a Jammed Garbage Disposal

Yes, a garbage disposal can get jammed. Learn how troubleshoot and fix.