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Building your dream home is one of the largest investments in your life. From selecting the floorplan that works for you and your family, to choosing the perfect homesite for your new home and deciding on structural options, your new home consultant will help bring your dream home to reality.

What’s even more fun is personalizing your new home at the Design Studio!

The list of design decisions to make when building a home is long and can be overwhelming, but your Design Studio appointment should be an exciting time. A little bit of pre-appointment preparation can help keep it from being overwhelming.

Pam Glassburn, Design Studio Manager for M/I Homes - Orlando likes to share the following advice with her future homeowners before their appointment.

“Have a good understanding of the look you want to achieve, and we will work to attain that look within your budget…Have a needs vs. wants discussion before your appointment.”

These considerations will always make the day more fun and enjoyable vs. stressful.

Keep these new home construction Design Studio tips in mind to help minimize the stress.

Design Studio Kitchen Options

1. Stick to Your Budget

Know where you want (or need) to be with your final purchase price and stick to it. Your sales consultant can give you an idea of pricing before you purchase.

Pro Tip: Be sure to talk with M/I Financial to know what your maximum sales price is.

2. Know What the Included Features Are for Your New Home

Knowing what options are included with the builder will help you know what you may want or need to upgrade.

Pro Tip: Don’t rely on what you see in the model, as it usually showcases many upgrades—remember it’s a home of ideas.

3. Tour Model Homes As Well As Inventory Homes

It’s great to see finishes in real life. The samples you’ll see at the Studio will be smaller, making it harder to visualize them on a bigger scale. Even if it’s a different floorplan than yours, take note of the elements you like.

Pro Tip: If available, try and walk the floorplan you will be building ahead of time. This will enable you to visualize the placement of key elements/options as well as give you an idea about what items you may need to add, like additional electrical setup, kitchen accessories, extra tile, etc.

Design Studio Bathroom Options

4. Know How You’ll Live in Your New Home

Consider your lifestyle and which upgrades will make your daily life better. Think about your day-to-day as you ponder our next tip.

Pro Tip: Pick things that will make living in your home better or easier. While the kitchen and owner’s bath might be the most popular places to upgrade, consider the living room, laundry room, and other rooms, too!

5. Create an Idea Board Online

After gathering enough ideas through Pinterest or Houzz, you’ll start to see your personal style show through. This will help guide you (and your Design Studio consultant) when making selections.

Pro Tip: Pick things that you like—don’t pick based on design trends or other peoples’ opinions. You’ll be living in it, looking at it, and loving it for years to come. Balance trendy with timeless.

Design Studio Options

6. Know Your Style Ahead of Time

All decision-makers should agree on an interior decorating style for their new home ahead of your appointment.

Pro Tip: Touring models and inventory as well as creating idea boards with decision-makers will help you all to be on a similar design page.

7. Preview Ahead of Time

You can see it all from the comfort of your own home with our . You’ll get a link to all the options (with photos and pricing) for your specific floorplan when you set your appointment.

Pro Tip: Spend some time with this tool before your appointment. It will help you narrow down and create your wish list.

8. Know Your Priorities

You’ll have things on your list you have to have, things you want to have, and things you know you don’t want or need. Be sure to keep those straight. If you need to save money by cutting something you really want, consider what might be easier to do later.

Pro Tip: Some things are easier to do later than others. Adding extra flooring or a backsplash later might seem tricker than changing out light fixtures or adding cabinet hardware. Know what you’re comfortable tackling after closing.

Design Studio Consultant With Options

9. Understand How to Pay for Your Options

With M/I Homes, your design selection total gets added to your purchase price. No money is taken at the Studio.

Pro Tip: If you don’t want to add the cost to your mortgage, you can put the amount of your options towards an additional down payment. This will keep you from paying for them over the next 15 or 30 years.

10. Feel Good About Your Final Decisions

Don’t obsess over your final choices once they are finalized. Don’t keep searching for new designs. Don’t get your family’s, friends, or co-workers’ opinions after your appointment. If you plan to do that, do it beforehand.

Pro Tip: Be sure to take photos of your final selections! Time will pass until you see those items installed and your photos will help remind you of your choices. It’ll help if you plan on shopping for new décor before you move in.

Design Studio Kitchen Options

At the end of the day, you want to create a space that you not only love the look of, but also love to live in. Considering our tips and doing a little of your homework ahead of time will help you have the best experience possible.

Our design consultants will guide you through all the possible interior design selections, but they will never tell you what to pick. The final choice is yours and we want you to be happy with your selections. Don’t worry: you’re in great hands, so relax and enjoy the process.

Find out more about personalizing your new home with M/I Homes, and contact me with any questions about the Design Studio process!


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