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“Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul.” – Luther Burbank

Debbie Melloh is one of the Sales Managers in the Indianapolis M/I Homes Division. She has been with M/I for 32 years. She began her career as a New Home Consultant in a model home for several years before transitioning into Sales Management in Indianapolis. She is a very passionate person with great attention to detail for all things plants and garden. She is the ultimate plant whisperer!

A Garden Planting Guide for Indiana

According to Debbie, you should always plant your annuals (flowers that need to be re-planted every year) and certain perennials (flowers that come back every year) after the frost date, which falls after Mother’s Day.

However, on Indiana’s off-years shortly after Mother’s Day, there is the possibility of a frost advisory. Then, you will have to bring your annual and perennials into your garage or inside your home to warmer temperatures.

Flowers are like humans: they can get frost bite too! If that happens, make sure you trim the affected leaves or flowers off the plant so the flower can grow back.

Check out this calendar for more information on when to seed and begin growing your Indiana garden.

Photo courtesy of Daniel’s Vineyards

How to Maintain Your Flowers in Indiana’s Season Changes

In the springtime, make sure that when you are planting flowers you are digging the hole twice the size of the plant. They should also be planted in an area where the plants can receive full growth and foliage, according to Debbie.

You can start with smaller plants and apply Miracle Grow, or, create your own homemade Miracle Grow.

During the spring season your plants might receive plenty of rain; however, when the summer months begin, make sure you are checking the soil and watering daily. In the summer, water at the root and be sure not to water the whole plant. If you water the whole plant the leaves are reflective, which can cause the water droplets to burn through your plants.

Where do the plants grow the best? Make sure you look at the plant tags before purchasing to ensure that your garden space has the right amount of shade and sun at your home.

Annuals Vs. Perennials Season Change Tips

As you transition into the fall, most plants will live until the new frost date. When the first frost hits in Indiana it is time to get rid of your annuals. As for the perennials, they will go into hibernation until next season!

Did you know that some plants need to be trimmed for repeat growth and full blooms? Two common flower garden examples are geranium and roses.

Many annuals and perennials can be used as cut flowers to freshen up the inside of your home or deliver to someone special.

You should water your plants for 10 seconds at the roots; if you have forgotten to water them recently, give the flowers an extra 5 seconds of hydration. When the weather is 80–90-degrees, watering in the morning and in the evening is crucial to your plant’s success.

We hope you enjoyed learning all things about gardening and planting and a few great tips from M/I Homes’ very own Debbie Melloh!

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