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Are you contemplating a home makeover but feeling overwhelmed by the endless array of paint swatches? Or maybe you're moving into a new space and want to ensure your color choices reflect your personality and style.

To help simplify the process and guide you toward a color palette that resonates with you, we’ve compiled a few tips and a short home color palette quiz you can take!

Discovering The Perfect Home Color Palette

From gray and black muted farmhouse hues to off-white and green neutral boho colors, the palette you decide to paint and adorn your walls with is the starting point for the rest of your home decorating endeavors. So, it’s important to get it right!

Follow these 4 tips to get started:

1. Make note of the colors you naturally gravitate towards

Take a moment to dive into your recent purchases. Grab your phone and open the notes app. Jot down the colors of the items you recently bought; maybe it's a new pair of shoes, a sleek phone case, a cozy blanket, or a trendy water bottle.

As you list them out, pause to reflect: do you notice any recurring hues? Do you find yourself leaning towards a certain color scheme without even realizing it?

2. Think through the furniture and décor you already own

Before diving headfirst into a complete home makeover, take a moment to evaluate the furniture and décor you already have. Whether you’re settling into a brand-new space or refreshing your current one, aligning your home color palette with your existing pieces can make all the difference.

3. Determine the mood you want to create in your home

Setting the mood is key when it comes to crafting the perfect home color palette. It's all about understanding your preferences and the atmosphere you want to cultivate in your living space. Are you all about the vibrant feel of a bright white home, or do you crave the moody, calming tranquility of dark and industrial-inspired hues?

4. Take our 5-minute home color palette quiz

Discovering your perfect home color palette isn't just about picking paint swatches; it's about curating a space that feels uniquely you.

With our quiz as your guide, you can confidently transform your home into a haven that reflects your style, evokes the mood you desire, and harmonizes seamlessly with your existing décor. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a space that truly feels like home.


Karen Schieb


Karen Schieb has been with M/I Homes since its entry into the Houston market. As an Internet Sales Manager and a Houston native, Karen is an expert on new homes in the area and genuinely cares about finding the best homes for her clients. With a keen eye for detail, Karen also has excellent taste and a wide breadth of knowledge on all the latest home designs. When not helping M/I prospects find their dream homes or tackle their next DIY home project, Karen is either in LA visiting her daughter, Natalie, or can be found playing pool.

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