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Whether you’re a design expert or a first-time homeowner, making your house feel like a home can be a challenge. With countless different styles to consider when decorating, one thing is common to all of them—plants!

Plants are an easy, natural way to bring some coziness to any room. We've reached out to a local plant expert for some tips and tricks that might help you pick the perfect plant!

The Right Plant

Picking the right plant can be daunting, especially if you’re prone to letting plants die, but Michelle Zamora from Austin’s Prickly Plant Truck has some suggestions for those who are new to being a plant owner.

According to Michelle, “the easy three" are Snake Plants, ZZ plants, and Pothos. She says all three are incredibly easy to care for, low light tolerant, and beautiful.


Making a Home Homier

Bringing plants into your home adds warmth and the perfect pop of color to any room. Plants have the tendency to make any room feel like you spent some time being very intentional about your décor, when in reality, you just added a plant!


Michelle offered us some options for plants that make your house feel homier:

"I think the Monstera Deliciousa is a great option. It grows incredibly fast, has a great tropical feel, and can leave a big impact in a short amount of time. It’s also a huge confidence booster to see a plant grow so quickly. I would also vote for the easy three, as previously mentioned. All four of these plants add something different to a space and grow best with a healthy amount of neglect. I think in combination they can create a perfectly staged space!" -Michelle

The Perfect Planter

Now that you have some great plant options, let’s talk planters—aka, the pot for the plant. Selecting a planter can be intimidating. There are so many different styles, materials, sizes, shapes, etc. So how do you know what is right for the plant you picked?

Michelle says it’s important to transplant your plant into a pot that is only one size larger than the plants current pot. If your plant is in a 4” pot, then you will want to choose a 6” pot as a replacement.

"It’s also important to make sure your pot has a hole, I cannot stress that one enough. Few pots come with holes anymore, but it’s easy to drill one yourself." -Michelle

And buying good soil is key! Choose to purchase your soil from a local nursery rather than a big box store. They often carry reputable brands, and the staff are full of knowledge about the product.


"At Prickly Plant Truck, we mix our own soil, which contains 6-7 different amendments, but that isn’t a practical thing to ask a typical plant owner to do. We’ve recently started selling it for that reason. At the very least though, get a good potting soil and add perlite to it to provide adequate drainage. I like to add at least 30% perlite." -Michelle

Safe For Furry Friends?

Ensuring your pet is safe in your home is a huge priority. When shopping for plants, consider if your pet will be a little over-curious in your plants.

Michelle informed us that most plants have at least a small amount of toxicity if ingested, but there are a few pet-friendly plants that can be added to the home and provide peace of mind.

Some easy-to-find options are Peperomia, Ponytail Palms, and Money Trees. These are great options because they are so easy to care for. Calathea require a bit more practice but are so beautiful.

If you are prone to overwatering your plants, then you might consider a fern. Spider plants are also a cute addition, and they hang, so it’s more difficult for your pet to reach them.


Not only are plants a great, affordable way to bring life into your home, but they are also a fantastic way to bring more nurturing opportunities into your life.

It is wonderful to tangibly grow something as you grow personally and make memories in your home. Share with us on your social media the plants in your M/I Home!


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