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We asked Ohio gardener The Thrifted Planter for her easiest ways to get started with planting a home vegetable garden. Hear her top 7 tips and see how her beautiful home garden has turned out!

It really can’t get any better than eating fresh veggies picked right from your own garden.

From saving money at the grocery store to being able to have all your favorite vegetables and varieties on-hand whenever you want them, you’ll be so glad you started your own garden at home.

Gardening can also be extremely therapeutic and rewarding—you’ll be able to say, “I grew that!”

Here are my top easy tips for how to prepare a vegetable garden right in your own backyard.

The Thrifted Planter With Veggie Harvest

1. Plan

Many gardeners use the winter months to begin planning their garden. Some of the major things to consider are what to grow, what to grow it in (in ground, raised beds, pots), and when to get it started.

Raised Veggie Garden BedsStrawberry Tower Garden

2. Location, Location, Location!

Many vegetables need between 6–8 hours of direct sun, so choosing a location that gets at least 8 hours is key to having great harvests. When looking for a spot, look for an area with great drainage and at least 8 hours of sun.

Swiss Chard Growing in SunlightVeggie Garden

3. Soil

Soil is one of the most important keys to having a great harvest. Investing in the health of your soil should be a top priority.

Whether you're gardening in the ground, in pots, or raised beds, make sure to mix in compost for added nutrients.

If you feel as if there is an issue with your native soil, you can do an at-home soil test. Soil tests detect what nutrients are lacking or are very abundant. When you have this information, you can adjust your soil accordingly.

Raised Garden Beds With Soil

4. Water

Create a watering plan for your garden. That can mean hand-watering every other day, or setting up a drip or sprinkler system to do the watering for you. No matter what you choose, remain consistent.

Plants will wilt and possibly die if not watered properly, and that can affect your harvest.

Watering Veggie Garden

5. Fertilizer

Vegetable plants are fast growing annuals and they love to be fed. You will want to pick out an organic fertilizer and get on a fertilizing schedule. Fertilizer is great for growing strong, fruitful plants that will produce for you all season long.

Birdhouse Gourd Plant

6. Pruning

Check all of your plants for the three D’s when you are tending to your garden:

  • Damage
  • Dead
  • Diseased

If you find any of the three D’s, prune it off of your plant. Maintaining your plant’s health is important for fruit production.

Strawberry Patch

7. Consistency

Find a system that works, and stick with it! Keeping up with watering, fertilizing and pruning will stave off potential issues that could cause harm to your plants.

Consistency will build strong healthy plants that will no doubt give you a great harvest.

The garden is a place of growth and learning, so most importantly, have fun!

The Thrifted PlanterThe Thrifted Planter

Happy gardening!



The Thrifted Planter Garden
Ciearra Evans


Ciearra (The Thrifted Planter) is a gardener extraordinaire with a beautiful and lush home garden in Ohio. From sharing easy tips to plant varieties of flowers, plants, and vegetables from seed to providing houseplant care insights, Ciearra does it all! She also loves trying homestead recipes with her homegrown bounty, and she shares her love of all things gardening with her family and 4 adorable cats.

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