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Overall, how was your experience with M/I?

I loved it. This is my seventh home purchase and probably my third or fourth new build, and this was my favorite and hopefully my last. It was my favorite because everything was so smooth, and the sales process was great.

The construction process was great; I loved working with John and Matt. It was so simple, and it was very easy to understand everything that was going on. The financing [with M/I Financial] was unbelievable—it was really great and everyone over there was fantastic.

How did you find out about M/I?

I’ve been looking at M/I Homes for years. I’ve been looking since I moved back to Charlotte in 2013. I’ve always been looking at your ranch homes. I had looked at them in the University area and I was really interested in that community, but we decided to not purchase at that time.

So when I came back around looking for a house this time I thought, Well I have to go look at M/I because I know they’ve got really good ranch plans, they have a lot of communities, and they build great houses at a good price point.

The buying process for new construction has been quite different this past year. How did you approach this?

I spoke with Wendy, and she told me there was a lottery for this community. I was a little bit nervous, because I mean it’s a lottery, right? So it’s like okay, how many other people are in this right now? I came in at the end of it so I had my appointment on Saturday and the lottery ended on Tuesday. When I got my name on the list, I was the only person going for my plan, but I knew that more people would want it and they did. But, I won it, so I was excited!

How have you personalized your home since closing?

I was actually starting to personalize it before closing. I had people coming out once it was in framing to give me estimates for fences, painting, and blinds. Those were the main 3 things I started with.

Right after closing, probably the next day, the painters and I met out here. It was painted before I moved in, because I wanted that done before I moved in. The fence was also already in before I moved in.

Right after I got in, I started looking for people to do trim work, because I knew I wanted chair railing and cool stuff like that in the foyer. I added trim around the windows, I had custom blinds installed in every window of the house. The trim work has been my favorite. I feel like it makes the walls come alive, and it looks so good. In the bathrooms I’ve had work done, and then I’ve done the board and batten in a hallway.

Board and Batten FoyerBoard and Batten Bathroom

What are your favorite things about Kellerton Place? What drew you here?

I’m not from Charlotte but I’ve been in Charlotte since 2004. I left in 2010 and came back in 2013, but anytime I’ve been here I’ve been closer to the city. So, I was a little like, What? Monroe? but when I saw Kellerton Place I thought, This is so nice!

There are a lot of things that I like about the location. It’s right off of the Expressway, which I love, because to get into Charlotte you can just zip on that. There are a lot of good restaurants and a lot of shopping so I was happy about that.

Kellerton Place itself I like because it seems like it’s nestled in a little nook. It’s not what you would think. I like that there is going to be a pool here, and I think it’s going to look great being up at the front of the community with the playground. I think it’s like a nice little oasis in Monroe.

What is your favorite part of your home?

I think I have a couple of places. The place where I spend the most time is a tie between the living room and my office. I would probably say the living room because I like the way the fireplace is and how it is away from the wall, giving a 3D effect. It also has a different color of paint which I love. So this is probably my favorite area where I spend the most time.

Blue Living Room With Fireplace

Why did you choose M/I?

I chose M/I because I had been looking at M/I Homes in different communities for a while. I had looked at 2 different communities in the University area that were near my house, and I had looked at some a couple years ago in South Charlotte. M/I has kind of been on my radar for a while. They just have nice homes.

Plus, this go-around I really wanted a ranch home, and there are not a lot of builders that are doing ranch homes that have good plans. I knew from other communities that M/I Homes had good options for ranch floorplans so I figured I would check them out. And I love it—I love my ranch home.

Family Room

What are you looking forward to in your home?

I’m looking forward to not having any projects. I’ve been doing these projects since before I actually moved in! I do enjoy my home now, but I’m looking forward to not having people here working inside and outside on a weekly basis doing stuff to my house.

Foyer With Chair Rail

My next major thing is that I am getting a paver fire pit installed next week, and they are also doing a paver sidewalk to get to the backyard. That’s going to be super exciting, and after that I won’t have anybody here for a while and I’ll be happy about that.

I’ll be looking forward to March because everything will be done and I can sit here and enjoy my beautiful home.

Max really loves his home, too.

Pet Relaxing on Living Room Rug


Deborah Rodrigues
Deborah Rodrigues

Internet Sales Manager

Deborah started at M/I Homes in January 2021. Before her role as an Internet Sales Manager, she assisted home buyers in the Charlotte Metro area as a Sales Associate and the Land Department as a Market Analyst. Originally from Brazil, Deborah moved to the United States with her family when she was nine. She is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, and English. She is married and has two adorable huskies, Loki and Bella. She is very passionate about dogs and hopes to one day be able to start a non-profit for rescues. In her free time, Deborah enjoys spending time with family watching movies or out in the Queen City exploring the many new restaurants. Her favorite part about new home construction is the excitement that comes with new beginnings for buyers. She believes communication is key and is highly motivated about providing her customers with the best experience possible. Reach out today.

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