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Building a new construction home is such an exciting life event, and you’ve most likely had many decisions to make to get to this point! Where to finance your new home should be one of the easiest choices during the process.

Here are 5 benefits to working with M/I Financial, LLC (NMLS #50684) that you can use to confidently make the best decision for you.

1. M/I Financial, LLC Offers Low Rates

Our team of highly experienced financial professionals is constantly refreshing their data to find the best mortgage rates possible in order to compete with other financial packages available.

Rest assured that you’ll be getting one of the lowest rates possible when you build with us.

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2. We Can Help You Improve Your Credit Score

Repairing your credit score is nothing to be ashamed about, and if you’re looking for some assistance to get started on improving your score to prequalify for a home loan, M/I Financial, LLC is the absolute best choice.

Through our Welcome Home Club, you’ll receive a personalized credit repair plan and guided assistance each step of the way, including helping you budget for a down payment!

3. You’ll Get the Right Loan for You

A huge benefit you’ll receive when working with M/I Financial, LLC is comparing different loan types and making sure you’re getting the loan that makes the most sense for your income, career, geographic location, and more.

We’ll commit to you and your needs from day one.

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4. We’ll Treat You (And Your Loan) Right

Because of our wealth of experience since 1983, we know the ins and outs of new home financing and have each step down to a science.

You are at the center of all that we do—and we’ll always treat you right. Know for certain that all of your questions are valid.

We are here to define any term, explain any process, and ultimately make you feel comfortable with what you are responsible for and what the next steps are.

5. Keeping Your Loan In-House Means Getting Into Your New Home Faster

You want the keys to your new home the very moment your home is ready! Because we work closely with each of the other teams who help you with your home’s construction, each handoff is smooth, simple, and expedited. No long wait times due to financial complications!

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Financing a new home is definitely different than financing a resale home, but you will truly be in the best hands possible for your new M/I Home with M/I Financial, LLC.

If you’re a first-time homebuyer, you probably still have a lot of questions about building a home—and that is perfectly fine! Keep reading more resources about new home financing:


Ben Wills
Ben Wills


​Ben Wills is the Mortgage Branch Training Officer for M/I Financial, LLC. Ben has been in the mortgage field for over 40 years and has assisted thousands of homeowners in financing new home construction.

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